In the age of time-poor consumers, dealerships provide a convenient and fast way for people to convert their current vehicle into cash, which in turn can expedite a new vehicle purchase.

But in many cases the dealer’s offer is much lower than the customer’s expectations, usually due to a lack of confidence in the process or trust in the appraiser.

Dealer Appraisal actively engages the customer in the entire appraisal process, clearly identifying items that would impact the final offer for a more transparent and accurate appraisal value.


Digitally controlling the appraisal process ensures comprehensive information is captured, leading to increased customer acceptance due to valuation transparency and accuracy.


Fast, consistent, accurate results – this is the value of process.

Utilising the latest in mobile technologies to facilitate a disciplined and interactive process, Dealer Appraisal has re-envisioned those classic appraisal methods to deliver faster, more accurate and results-driven appraisals.



Details:Record damage, inclusions, options
Images:Take photos to support details recorded
Costs:Associate costs to damage/missing items

Transparency of the appraisal process gains customer trust, resulting in a higher rate of conversion. Lead the customer through the process, recording all vehicle details (including imagery) and identifying any associated costs that would impact the end valuation figure.



Research:Source market values from online sources
Influences:Allocate cost provisions against the market value
Approval:Customer signs off on reported valuation

Market value accuracy increases with more thorough vehicle information. Provisioning costs associated with repairs (etc) maximises dealer profitability and manages customer expectations for greater conversions. Customer sign-off on the reported valuation captures approval and prompts the sale.



Access:Real-time communication between wholesalers and the dealership
Share:Full vehicle information (including photos) shown to prospective buyers
Bid:Real-time offers made prompting a fast sale

Securely connect with the wholesale network in real-time, increasing efficiency of response for better customer relations. Avoid phone calls by viewing wholesaler’s bids within the app, then provide feedback or accept the offer by changing the bid status (reviewed/offer/accepted).



Maximise profitability with comprehensive vehicle information

Increase conversions with accurate valuations

Build customer trust with process visibility

Capture industry information automatically

Connect digitally with your wholesale network

Deliver appraisals in real-time

Easily identify process inefficiencies

Monitor staff performance through reporting